Pets/Timber Supplies
located on Queen Street

Lawrence's Hardware and DIY -

Established in 1974
Homeware, hardware and DIY supplies.
Often described as an Aladdin's Cave by customers, whatever you need Lawrence's  

probably sell it - and if they donít stock it their friendly and knowledgeable staff will try their best to get it for you!

Open 7 days a week

Tel: 01665 710800


located on Queen Street

Lawrence's Garden and                

Pet Supplies -

Queen Street                     

We sell a wide range of Pet 

Supplies, Pet foods and Animal 

Treats. Also a range of children's 

beach toys such as buckets and 


Open 7 days a week
Tel 01665 710800

               located on Bridge Street

Lawrence's Garden Shop -
Bridge Street

Stocks a wide range of Plants, Seeds, Garden tools, Compost, Pots, Gloves, Weed Killer, Plant foods etc
Tel: 01665 711791


located on Bridge Street

Lawrence's Timber Supplies 

Sells a range of Fencing, sheds, timber, cut wood

Wood cutting and delivery service available
Tel: 01665 713861


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