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My name is Kevin Clarke, my home is Wooler, Northumberland. This land, where I was born and bred is the place I hope to die. I love our county, the best county in the land. When my mother passed over, I decided to write and dedicate a pair of 'Memory Books' in remembrance. I've had a lifetime of fascination with the 'old ways,' the times before what is called 'civilisation' took over. The stories of our elders, the peoples who populated our region way back, the times of the tribes of ancient Northumberland and England. I believe these stories and the old ways are worth remembering and should be retold. My books, "The Hills Are For Heroes" are not out of the 'masterpiece' mould, not destined for the bestsellers list either. I write as I speak, if people don't like it, then they are entitled to their opinion. It is just me talking and doing my bit. From Easter 2021 a proportion of each sale goes to support Alzheimers Research.
The Hills are for Heroes